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Why I had to break-up with cake decorating

cakeFor any of you that have been following this blog for a while you have heard me talk about, and seen me post my cakes. Last year, I decided to get serious about cake decorating and pursue it as a business. I got business cards, attended conferances and classes, and started taking on a steady stream of orders at a reduced starter price. The last part might have been my down fall.wpid-20150905_131320-1.jpg

I research the heck out of running a cake business and felt I was ready to get started. However, I lacked the confidance in my skills to charge full price, so I offered my services for a deep, deep discount. In January, I was gung-ho, and took on enough orders to carry me thought until April. I was so stoked! But then an odd thing happened. A week before each order was due, I found myself getting nervous, anxious and irritable. I was unable to take care of my house during the week before the order due date. I also found ,as much as I might try to schedule things outside of family time, it was always seeping into those hours.wp-1456191905077.jpg

In addition to the family intrustion, money was becoming a huge factor. Each time I had an order due I would have to do a fairly large outlay of money in supplies. In most cases the supply cost far exceeded the cost I was charging for the cake. So it was almost as if I was paying the customer for the cost of letting me do a cake for them. This started creating additional resentment and anger towards the craft.

I found with each order my resentment grew. I was sacrificing time with my family and it was costing me money in the process. Ok, I was learning but was it worth it? I was starting to feel like it wasn’t. But I was resistant to giving it up, I didn’t want to be a quitter.wp-1454870790682.jpg

By the end of Febuary I started to realize I was not in love with cake decorating like I had been just a fewmonths prior. I wanted to devote more time to my family, and had started wanting to expand the reach of my blog. My interests were changing and I found that I no longer wanted to decorate cakes anymore. After a long conversation with a trusted friend she stressed the idea that I must narrow my focus and pick where I wanted to go. Then I finally made the desion that I would no longer take on any cake orders and let the idea of a cake business fade into the background.

The other twist to this story was once I shared this with my family, they were surprisingly excited about my decision. They felt the resentment, anxity and neglect that was brought on by this venture. They wanted to be supportive of me and said nothing. But in reality they secretly wanted me to stop doing cake decorating. I had no idea this had such a big obvious impact on my family, but there it was clear as day. My kids were only little once and I was exchanging time with them for a business that I didn’t even enjoy anymore.wpid-wp-1445282137010.jpg

I might decide to try and start a cake business one day when I have more time. When my children are older. When I’m not working full-time. But for now I have decided to keep it as an occasional hobby and something to bring me joy. Not stress.wpid-20150822_162657-1.jpg

So what is my reason for telling you this story? To reinforce the idea that it is ok to change your mind. Sometime if it’s for the right reasons, it’s ok to be a quitter.



Tea and Cake Tuesday


Lady luck was on my side with this cake.It was quite a challenge to bring all the elements together but the over all look turned out to be a lot of fun. The cake had sweet raspberry filling sandwiched between a layer of moist vanilla cake and decadent chocolate cake. It was iced in a rich chocolate ganache. (Which you might have seen me make on a recent Periscope) Then it was covered in marshmallow fondant. My friend had her house decked out in casino themes décor including oversized dice and playing cards. It looked awesome and the cake fit right in.

If you are at the Blackjack table or home playing bridge, here is a selection of teas from Debbie Bergman from Enjoy Tea With Me , to go with our casino themed cake.

When I think of poker, or casino, I think jazz music and fancy/old time drinks. So I am going to have two teas again,  Jazzy Jasmine and Amaretto

Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine blossoms.
Ingredients: Rooibos tea, almond pieces, papaya pieces, natural flavors. Contains nuts.
For more information or to purchase these or other teas contact Debbie at My Steeped Tea


Tea and Cake Tuesday


I have some exciting news for Tea and Cake Tuesday. Debbie Bergman is here from Enjoy Tea with Me, an indepentant consultant with Steeped Tea . Each Tea and Cake Tuesday where I feature a newly made cake, she will suggest an imaginative, well-crafted tea selection to go with the cake theme. I am so excited to bring you her selections and learn about some new tea varieties. You can find her at My Steeped Tea

As you can see the cake above is a Star Wars theme that I made for a friends son’s birthday party. I am really happy with how the BB-8 droid came out seeing as it was quite challenging for my skill level.

To go with the Star Wars theme Debbie selected two teas to represent the Dark and Light Side (Pretty creative huh?)

teaIron Goddess Oolong is a pure oolong tea, with great balanced taste.

dark teaDark Chocolate Chai – is a sweet mixture that would go good with cake. 😉




Tea and Cake Tuesday

This is probably the only week this year where drinking hot tea is actually ok in South Florida. Here the temps have dipped into the 50’s. A rarity, but nice weather to enjoy tea and cake in.

wp-1453224234877.jpgMade this cake for my cousins birthday. Did not really have a plan just wanted to try something I had seen in a cake video from  Sharon Zambito. Was pretty happy with how easy and unfussy this one was.

thLOMYQ3GT Also, really enjoying this tea right now. Maybe because Valentine’s day is on the horizon but I love the hint of strawberries and cocoa. Have to try this one as an iced tea. Think it would be wonderful.


15 Things I learned in 2015


Instead of dwelling on the events of the past I thought I would list out the lessons learned that I will carry into 2016.

  1. Embrace a challenge/try something new – This started with the Whole30 diet plan. It was really hard! It taught me that I can do the hard stuff if I want to. It pushed me into a pwpid-wp-1448047445373.jpgoint of discomfort and made it ok to challenge myself. This lead me to dip my toe in the water of blogging and eventually work towards starting my own cake business.
  2. Seek out what makes you, you.- In 2014 I knew something need to change. I needed to become more then just a mom and a wife. I needed to rediscover what I’m about. So I started this blog. It was a huge leap for me. But getting back to writing was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It has given me support, creativity, and a voice again. I also traveled back to NY where I grew up. Confronting the past and embracing the now was not as scary as I thought it would be.
  3. Accepting disappointment – This year was not without some disappointment. For example a job I really wanted, the job I pictured myself in, did not come though. In the past I would have beaten myself up over this. This year, with the help of this blog, I looked at it a different way. There is something I am meant for and that position was not it. I had to trust in Gods plan for me.
  4. “Bloom where you are planted” -This came out of the Money Saving Mom’s budget book and it really resonated with me. I was put on this path for some reason. I could spend my time wishing things were different, easier or more like someone else’s life. Or I could accept the gifts that were right in front of me and learn from them.
  5. Don’t try to do it all/ Stop trying to be Pintrest mommy – I wrote a post earlier in the year about not trying to do it all. I have been letting go if the picture of the mother/wife/person I thought I was suppose to be and try to accept the person I am. Which means a messy house and children who use electronics and eat fast-food sometimes.
  6. Appreciate my health – I don’t mean to interject Beachbody into everything but it has really helped me. I have grown to a much great appreciation of what this body can accomplish if I am consistent in feeding it right. I have found that I am much stronger physically then I thought , if I allow myself to be.
  7. Slowdown/ Be in the moment – Take a walk and appreciate the life you have instead of constantly waiting for some imaginary better thing and moments in the future. Savior my children, play and enjoy nature instead of checking off items on a to-do list.wp-1451440231899.jpg
  8. Put on make-up – I know it is a weird one to have on this list. At the beginning of this blog I posted an Instagram challenge. During this challenge I realized how much I hated having my picture taken. After listening to a makeup tutorial from Tiffany Lee Bymaster” Coach Glitter,” I felt I found a kindred spirt in her. She suffered from the same skin issues that have made me so self conscious my whole life. After hearing her on Periscope and following her tutorial I finally learned how to put on make-up and feel ok with being having my picture taken. Seriously check her out she is awesome.
  9. Let go of negative thinking and people – This year I have made a conscous effort to surround myself with positive, happy, confidant people. I came to realize I am somewhat of an empath in that I take in the emotions and energy of others. (I know I sound hippy dippy when I say this.) By surrounding myself with these people and letting go I the negative. I have learned I am capable of so much more.
  10. Stop watching the news – My husband loves to watch the news but I noticed it was making me angry, fearful and even hateful. Once I shut it off and found alternate information sources I was much happier.
  11. Use the Crockpot- I mean it was sitting there n the cabinet all this time but I had no idea how much of a healthy, timesaver it was. The Facebook Crockpot challenge I was involved in really brought this home for me and I have been using my Crockpot like crazy.
  12. What gets measured gets managed -This year I have attempted to get back to budgeting and keeping better track of my money. I have discovered that by not keeping track of investments I was throwing away money. Also, I discovered I needed to save more for retirement and learn more about investing. This will be ongoing into 2016.
  13. Your 9-5 job doesn’t define who you are – This was a tough one for me this year. I had always felt that what I did from 9-5 directly reflected the person was, how successful I am, and how others would judge me. This year I had to change my thinking and realize sometime a job is just that…a job. Sometimes it is not the road to a career. It doesn’t define you. You define you. I have discovered myself again though this blog. It has opened my eyes to so many other things that I am and can become outside of my 9-5 job. This has even brought me to a greater understanding and appreciation for that job. Who knew?
  14.  Build something that is just yours – I have expanded on my hobby of cake decorating. I still have much to learn but I’m having a great time learning it. In doing so I have taken some time away to attend a cake show this year. This taught me so much about myself and was such a positive experience I will do it every year. Everyone needs a hobby, a creative outlet that they do for no other reason then it brings them joy.
  15. Cherish and be grateful for those around you -After years of wishing to be wpid-wp-1446998950368.jpgsomeone else I have accepted myself and have accepted those that were put into my life. For most of my life I wanted to be different then who I am. But who I am has brought me these wonderful people, my amazing husband, and my fun, joyful children. At 40 I can finally accept I am exactly where I am meant to be an I would not change it for anything.

Here’s to 2016 and a new year of life lessons in balance and moderation!


Tea and Cake Tuesday

For Tea and Cake Tuesday, I will share with you my Christmas Eve cake. This is the first cake I (kind of) designed myself. Also it was the biggest one I had ever done so it presented quite a challenge for me time wise and transportation wise. It was a great experiment and I learned so much. Looking towards next year remember to keep challenging yourself.


Tea and Cake Tuesday

This is a cake I made for a friend a few weeks ago. It was my first attempt at a carved cake and first attempt at the fondant inlay technique. I learned so much from this. Really enjoyed doing it. Just a reminder to never stop learning.


Also with the holiday season upon us I’m really into mint teas. They are also very soothing to the stomach. ***Since I have really fallen in love with tea lately, I thought I should post a link here if you would like to purchase some for yourself. wp-1448981373857.jpg

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