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It is a dog, not a baby

Your dog is not your babyLet me tell you a little story.

There I was sitting at a local restaurant waiting for burgers and fries with my children. When I looked to the side and noticed in the booth next to me sat a blonde haired women. At first I thought she sat alone in the booth however, upon further inspection she was not alone but sitting on her lap was her four legged companion.

Yes, her and her dog were in an enclosed restaurant seated next to me and my children. I would love to say this is the first time this has happened but it is not. Sometimes the dogs are in a carrier, sometimes they are in a stroller. One actually chased my daughter, barking at her though Macy’s until I found the owner.

This is not what was meant by doggy bag.

People are going to disagree with me on this but a dog doesn’t need to go everywhere with its owner. I don’t mean place like the park or strolling down the street. I mean they are being brought everywhere. There is a disturbing trend in the area I live. It is showing up in shopping malls, in hair salons, and government buildings. Now it has infiltrated supermarkets, restaurants and other food establishments. It is the trend of bringing non-service dogs into stores and restaurants.

Not only is this unsanitary, it is inconsiderate to those with allergies. I am an owner of two dogs myself and the thought would never have crossed my mind to shove my dog into a stroller and bring them into the supermarket with me. This has been happening so often that it has become a literal “pet” peeve of mine.

For whatever reasons people (mostly women) are treating their dogs as if they are babies, dressing them, putting them in strollers and even swaddling them. There is now a whole industry created to forcing you dog into the role of baby. Let’s get something straight.

Your dog is not a baby.

When you are treating your dog like a baby, it is not only inconsiderate to those around you who might have pet allergies, or who find it just disgusting to take a pet into a store that sells food. It also is in defiance of the dog’s natural state. That of a domesticated animal.

You can say you are a mom of a four-legged fur baby but unless you have fur yourself, you are not, in fact, your dogs mom. What you are part of its pack, a caregiver, a companion, but not the dogs mother. It doesn’t mean there is not a special relationship between you and your dog. But it is of that of dog and owner, not of mother and son.

Let your dog be a dog

Each breed of dogs has been created with many valuable and heightened skills humans don’t possess such as keen hearing, domestic herding, family protector and the like. When you attempt to give your dog the human attributes of a child, you negate the strengths and ignore these natural abilities.

A boy and his dog

A boy and his dog

I have been witness to the amazing nurturing and watchfulness of a herd dog with my family. Also I have seen my dog’s fierce protectiveness of the pack (my children.) There is no denying the keen emotional connection dogs have to their human families when they are allowed to be what they are. Dogs are not meant to be treated as infants. Let’ be honest here this role playing is not done for the dogs benefit but for the benefit of its human companion.

Dogs are meant to run, play, herd, protect, work, and hunt. They are meant to be part of a pack, having a role and a duty to the pack hierarchy. It gives them purpose and is part of what is natural for them. They are incredible companions, protectors and care-givers. So let a dog be what they are naturally born to be…a dog, not a baby.



Comments on: "It is a dog, not a baby" (10)

  1. Heartafire said:

    I agree that is it unacceptable to bring animals into some places, there are people who are deathly afraid of dogs, perhaps they were bitten, etc. I happen to adore dogs, unless one has loved an animal they do not know the unconditional love of this creature, the absolute willingness to accept anything that is done to them and still love their master, lay down their lives for them. For some people, their animal is like a child to them, perhaps it is the only other living thing in their lives. Most public places such a department stores, restaurants, have regulations that prohibit animals other than seeing eye or dogs for the handicapped.


    • I have just been seeing dogs dressed up like babies and brought everywhere with there owners and I felt bad for the dogs and the store patrons who might not be comfortable with it. Now, at least where I live, people are skirting around the rules by saying there animal is a comfortable animal and falls under the handicapped assistance rules. Also if a dog comes into your establishment with it’s owner wearing no vest indicating it is for assistance you are prohibited from asking if it is a service dog. It’s just getting out of hand.


      • Heartafire said:

        As I said, I don’t think animals should be allowed in public establishments because we don’t know if they might get upset, bite someonw, have they had their shots etc. However, you attitude towards the love of people for animals is disturbing. I don’t trust anyone who does not love animals, they don’t know what unconditional love is until they do. An dog will give up its life trying to save you, stay with its master and grieve when they die. Sorry Melissa, I’m on the peoples who dress their dogs up side, if I ever found someone harming an animal I would be so angry I would have them arrested. It is a felon to mistreat animals.


        • I agree with your statement and have nothing against people who love there animals. I have two dogs that I love very much. My issue is with people who I feel might be mistreating their dogs because they are denying them their true nature. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who show love for their dogs but I have seen a disturbing trend of people who treat their dogs as playthings or dress-up dolls. I am not clear at what point you felt that I was ok with a dog being mistreated or abused? Or what you found disturbing? In any case thank you for your comment and your perspective.


  2. Kudos for this post. I don’t own pets, but I totally agree. Thank God I haven’t run into this personally, but I would have a problem with it if I had. I also actually thought this was illegal to bring pets inside of a restaurant or store, unless you are blind & using it as your, ‘seeing eye dog’… it is where I live anyway.


    • It’s just gotten totally crazy in researching this topic I have found people who have gone on to websites that say they can get them documentation saying their dog is a service animal used for anxiety. I just don’t get why people would go to that extent just to bring a dog in a restaurant with them.


  3. I couldn’t agree more – the pampering of pooches has gotten completely out of hand. The money spent on them could be used for much more worthy causes. I think a child in a 3rd world country needs food more than your dog needing pink toenails or a new doggy jacket. It’s just another aspect of 1st world excessiveness gone mad in my opinion – and don’t get me started on bringing them into restaurants or supermarkets!


    • Exactly, and to be honest I don’t think it is healthy for the dog. These people need to check out Ceaser Milan and the advice of dog trainers so they can learn to love their animals the right way.


  4. Not only do I absolutely agree with you, but I also think that it’s very unfair to the dog to bring him into a restaurant with all those delicous smells and so many interesting. new people and then forcing him to sit still while the owner enjoys his/her meal. As for people with social anxiety, I feel very sorry for them (if they really suffer from it and not just use it as an excuse), but they could then go to outdoor places or where dogs are explicitly allowed or go with a person whom they trust.


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