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 Ann Marie Flanagan

Introducing Ann Marie Flanagan

Ann Marie is another wonderful woman and gifted teacher I met on Periscope. When I heard her describe the special needs children in her classroom I was laterally brought to tears. The positive changes she produces in them and her gentle, caring nature, really touched me. One conversation and you could see the genuine love, sincere care and big heart that pours out of her. We are lucky to have teachers like her in this world and I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to know her.

Ann Marie

1) What is your Direct Sales Business? What type of products do they sell?

I am a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant. I sell hand and nail care products to make gorgeous manicures and pedicures in the comfort of your own home. We are mostly known for our nail wraps which are heat activated and require no dry time at all! In addition we sell lacquers, application kits, a gel system and much more.

2) How did you get involved in your business and why?

In 2014 I noticed that my nails were separating from my nail beds. I knew that something was wrong and that nails are usually the first place things show up. After several visits to the doctor I received a diagnosis, I was told I have a condition with my nails that was going to be a lifelong problem.  Well, for me it was embarrassing by how awful my nails looked.

About six months later my cousin joined a company called Jamberry. I had no idea what it was and I ignored her email. Three months after that she asked me to hold a party for her and of course I did. Then I discovered the magic of Jamberry. I could cover my ugly nails with beautiful nail wraps and lacquers! Within a month I had signed up under her. [ctt title=”I have loved having my own business with the perks of having beautiful and affordable nails!” tweet=”I have loved having my own business with the perks of having beautiful and affordable nails!” coverup=”rc3v2″]

3) What is your favorite product and why?

It is difficult to choose just one favorite product. I would have to say it is the nail wraps. There are over 350 designs to fit every personality. I love the fact that there is no dry time and if I need to stop in the middle of a manicure to fold laundry or to help my child with homework, I can! I can coordinate my wraps with special occasions, holidays, etc… The wraps last longer than a manicure does!

4) What would you say to people who think direct sales are a scam?

I would tell them that Jamberry is not a scam. The products are well-made and delivered on time. You do not have to recruit a team unless you want to. The perks for being a consultant, for me, are wonderful!

5) Do you think it is important for a woman to have a side income?

I think it depends on the woman and her goals. Personally, I love to have a side income so that I can buy my husband a present without him knowing, pay for some household bills, and have the freedom to supplement our income as a family.

6) What is the biggest struggle you have had with your business? How have you overcome it?

My biggest struggle is having enough time in the day to work my business. I am a full-time teacher and I have three children of my own. I have to work at balancing my family’s needs first and then the business. I am a list maker and a scheduler. That is what helps me set priorities for each day. In addition, I have 30, 60, and 90 day goals set for my business.

7) What have you learned about yourself through your business?

I have learned that the reason I have my direct sales business is to supplement our income so that my family has extra opportunities to excel. All of my children play soccer. My youngest two are on traveling soccer teams and that gets expensive. But for me, it is worth the extra work to create the added income needed to develop their talents.

8) What opportunity would you have not had if not for your direct sales business?

I would not have had opportunities to grow as a business woman and make all of the wonderful friends I have met through having my own business. Being a teacher, I didn’t know a thing about how to run a business. Through the support from my Jamberry team and the knowledgeable people that I have met on platforms like Periscope, I am excelling beyond what I expected. My confidence level has also increased in all areas of my life.

9) How does your business align with your values and the person you are?

My company believes in making personal connections and that is what I do when I meet potential customers. I tend to let people come to me and ask about my nails. I am not aggressive about selling and my company doesn’t expect me to be someone who I am not. Jamberry is built on the foundation of integrity. They stand behind their products and handle product issues in a professional manner.

10) How can people find you, more information about your products or become part of your company?

People can find at the following:

Jamberry website:

My business page on Facebook at

Periscope: @AnnMarieFlanagan

Instragram: amsforjams

In addition to my Jamberry business, I am also the creator of Success in Parenting. I assist families in going from stressed to success by coaching and teaching about strategies to increase learning and reduce negative behaviors.

My first workshop is called Tackling Tantrums. This is a live online workshop with lots of interaction and tons of strategies to reduce and extinguish those pesky tantrums. Would you like to attend this workshop? Send an email to  You can check out my Facebook community Success in Parenting .


Let me know what you think!

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