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Mini Moments of Summer Packing

mini moments monday

Contributed by Trish Russell

Did you know it’s possible to use a carry on as your ONLY luggage for clothing? Are you aware that four people can fit two months’ worth of shirts and pants in one piece of luggage? Yep. Shocking I know. To be honest, I was a little stunned when I was able to make it happen too!

Last time I went on a grand adventure with three humans I packed two carry-on’s, two big suitcases and a backpack. This time we have FOUR humans and I’ve downsized to one carry-on, diaper bag, activity bag and work bag for mommy. We are 1/3 of the way through our adventure and this system is working splendidly! On the next leg of our adventure, I’ll eliminate the activity bag and combine it with mommy’s work case!

How are you doing this you ask? One simple rule. [ctt title=”If the clothes, activities, and resources are not an ABSOLUTE YES then it’s a RESOUNDING no. ” tweet=”If the clothes, activities, and resources are not an ABSOLUTE YES then it’s a RESOUNDING no. ” coverup=”O8se8″]Have you stopped to look at what you pack? Are you putting it in the suitcase with a, “Well, who knows, I might need this. I don’t know, I’m not sure,” attitude?

Disclaimer: If you’re going away for a girl’s weekend, anniversary trip or you have a new family member — you do you! Those are rare occasions and take trial and error. This blog post is for those going on another family vacation and/or regularly travel and still over pack.

Alright – back to it.

I know you’re thinking, “Trish, it’s complicated. I never know if my kids will want this or that or if I’ll feel like wearing those shoes I bought 2 years ago.”

Yeah, I get it. Really, I do. Did you read above where I confessed I packed FOUR suitcases for three humans? Granted, we were going across the planet for 10 weeks, but you’ll never guess how much of that STUFF I really used. Not even one full suitcase worth of activities and clothes.

Yep, that’s right. I was ridiculous. Is there a word for over-over-packer? Since that trip I’ve decided to really take a step back and learn the value of each piece we bring on a trip with us; whether it’s a weekend away or 5-week trip overseas.

So, as you get ready to travel, challenge yourself and your family. Less is more. Would you like to eliminate the bulk of stress wrapped up in packing? Could you take more opportunities to go on adventures with your loved ones if you weren’t concerned about “the pack attack?” Imagine the freedom in knowing you brought the pieces necessary for your family to travel. Think of the hassle free feeling of being able to pick up and go when you choose without a ton of baggage.

The first step is being committed to identifying your family’s essentials and accepting this is a trial and error process. If you make a decision that crashed and burned (like I did this past Thanksgiving) then you know to ALWAYS bring a pack n’ play!

Then it won’t be stressful to add that big piece because you know and understand the value it brings to your family’s peace of mind. Our Thanksgiving wasn’t ruined, I was a little sleep deprived, but our trips since then I always have the pack n play. My hubby and I both know it’s value. When you know the value of each piece you’re bringing on a trip, it’s not as heavy as you lug it into the car, check it at the airport, drag it across the hotel, etc.

Will you choose to find freedom? Discover the value in the affirmative yes.

You can reach Trish at

Her Facebook group Our Modern Village

or check out her blog here

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Direct Sellers Series: Come Meet Juliette Sakasegawa

Rodan and Fields
I found Juliette on Periscope one afternoon and was instantly drawn to her sweet, genuine nature. Her warmth, honesty and touching story of her journey in becoming a self care advocate really connected with me. In her Facebook group, Take Care of YOU, she gives women much needed support and reminders that they matter, they are enough and they need to show themselves love.

Direct sellers series

1) What Direct Sales Business are you in?

Rodan + Fields What type of products do they sell? We sell Premium skin care for the four most common skin concerns: sensitive skin, acne, sun damage/brown spots, and aging.

2) How did you get involved in your business and why?

A good friend of mine started posting about her business on Facebook and I was intrigued. I started using her products and immediately fell in love with them. I started thinking about getting into the business myself and as a mom of 3 who had been staying home with my kids for almost 4 years I was intrigued by the idea of starting a business and doing something that was just for me. I also liked the idea of bringing in some extra income.

I made the decision to go out on a limb, step way outside my comfort zone, and give it a try. I’m so glad I did because it has been a wonderful opportunity for me. Since starting my Rodan + Fields business I have grown and developed personally, emotionally, and professionally more than I ever even knew I was capable of.

3) What is your favorite product and why?

This is a very hard question for me to answer because I truly love so many of them. When I have to choose I always say it’s our Micro Dermabrasion Paste because it makes my skin feel like a baby’s bottom. Seriously though it was the first product I tried and I fell in love with the way it made my skin feel. I also love it because it can be used to exfoliate your whole body and one tub of it can last up to six months. It smells great, it feels great and it’s just plain awesome.

4) What would you say to people who think direct sales are a scam?

I would tell them that the one I work with is definitely not a scam and that there are many amazing MLM companies out there with really high quality products. Unfortunately, there are a few companies that have given us all a bad name and I think that is a horrible shame and extremely sad. MLM companies offer an amazing opportunity to many individuals who want to have their own business, make an income, feel empowered, grow personally, push themselves out of their comfort zone, etc. My list of positives just goes on and on and I think it’s wonderful when people are able to get involved and find success for themselves.

5) Do you think it is important for a woman to have a side income?

I think it’s important for women to feel empowered, to love themselves, to take care of themselves, and to feel like they are worthwhile, powerful people. If having a side income is something they want to do and it helps them feel like they are living the life they are meant to lead, then yes. If having a side income is not they need in order to feel those things, then no I don’t think it is.

6) What is the biggest struggle you have had with your direct sales business?

How have you overcome it? I think the biggest struggle I’ve had is finding balance in my life. I have a hard time doing things half way. I want to put my whole self into everything I do and I feel guilty if I’m not doing that. I haven’t completely overcome this struggle but each day I remind myself that I am enough and that I am doing my best. I remember not to compare myself to others, only to myself. I also remember that MY definition of success is the only definition that matters, nobody else’s. My family and my children are very important to me and focusing on them is just as important as focusing on my business.

7) What have you learned about yourself through your business?

I have learned so much about myself in the past 6 months it’s almost impossible to sum it up. I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone so many times and I’ve learned that I actually enjoy that… sometimes. I still have a long way to go but my self-confidence is growing every day. I’ve learned that I am extremely passionate about wanting women to feel empowered and I’ve learned that I want to help and support them in that process. [ctt title=”This business has lead me to find my true passion and purpose, which is supporting and coaching other women.” tweet=”This business has lead me to find my true passion and purpose, which is supporting and coaching other women.” coverup=”tpsPU”]

8) What opportunity would you have not had if not for your direct sales business?

I have met amazing individuals that I never would have met if I had not started my business. And like I said previously, this business has lead me to discover my true passion and purpose. I’m not sure I would have found that if I hadn’t gotten involved in an MLM.

9) How does your business align with your values and the person you are?

For me Rodan + Fields is about the things I am most passionate about: self-care, loving yourself inside and out, and empowerment. Whether I can help a person fine confidence with products that improve their skin or I can support them by sharing the business opportunity and help them start their own journey of personal growth, either way the company and the products both align with my values. I didn’t realize my passion for coaching and inspiring others until I started Rodan + Fields.

10) How can people find you, more information about your products or become part of your company?

They can contact me by email at I would love to share my passion for the products and my love for the business opportunity.



Organizing Month 5 – The Bathroom- A Self Care Story

bathroom organization

The Bathroom: A Story in Self Care

If you have been following this blog your will be aware of the monthly series I have been doing. I have been working my way through “One Year To An Organized Life,” by Regina Leeds. If you need to catch up, you can check out last month’s post here. Y0u can also read about my garage redo and my kitchen clean up.

Ok, now on with this months organization…the bathroom. I will shamefully admit I have been putting this area off for a long time. I would say ever since my son was born. (That was 5 years ago.) I have never really liked the way my bathroom looked and really never wanted to deal with it. My kids bathroom on the other hand, I had organized, painted and redesigned in a nice yellow and gray colors scheme. As for my bathroom, I really hate it. It has never been conformable, inviting and definitely never organized.

That is were this book comes in. In this chapter it was as if the author was in my head (kind of creepy!) She seemed to zero in on the organizational story I had been telling myself about my bathroom. There was always a reason I could never tackle this area. I was too busy or too tired. It was too much of a disaster. It needed a new cabinet, sink, faucet, counter ect…

What this really amounted to was this area should have been a sanctuary for me, but I put every other area used by ,y family first. The area that was suppose to make me feel pretty. The area where I was suppose to practice self care, I left  in shambles because in the end, taking care of me was the last thing on my list.

[ctt title=”So this area became my shame. Pushed aside and forgotten. Just as my self care has been for so long.” tweet=”So this area became my shame. Pushed aside and forgotten. Just as my self care has been for so long.” coverup=”by16V”]This was the area where I looked at my reflection each morning and determined if I liked what I saw. If the person staring back at me was enough. I will admit that more often then not she was not. I looked at that reflection, just like this room and only saw it’s flaws, only saw what needed to be replaced, redone and fixed. I saw nothing but problems and pushed it and my own self care needs aside.

I was never expecting to see such parallels in the care of myself and the care of my bathroom space but as I followed along in this book and really ingested what the author was saying, this parallel began to emerge.

As you work your way through this book , see our home as a vehicle that enables you to nurture and care for yourself , your family members and all those who enter.’” Regina Leeds.

This is the part I was missing. Yes, my home was a place for me to care for my family. I never thought about it being  where I took care for myself as well. This month, I was my intent to change that.

I started with a clean up. I cleaned up my negative thoughts in my head and the clutter under my sink. I cleaning out all the old product packaging and half used items that were collecting dust under my sink. I got rid of a curling iron that never worked. I discovered a ton of hair bands I had been looking for and realized there was a lot more room under there then I thought.

Years ago, back in my couponing days this was one of my storage spots and it use to be chock full of body washes, lotions conditioners and shampoos. It had been so long I never realized I was actually running low on these items and now had room to store some other things in this space.

My bathroom counter is an old school 80’s design I absolutely hate. It has cabinets on one side and an open area for a stool on the other. I never used a stool and decided to place a cheap rolling cabinet in this area to house makeup and hair products.

When I began going through this cabinet, I was shocked to notice that almost all my makeup products were expired. Truthfully, I had stopped taking the time in the morning to put on makeup and just gave up on any skin care regimen other then simply washing my face. I just never took the time anymore.

This brings me back to my lack of self care. I had tons of nail polish, lipsticks and eyeshadows that had never been used or were past their prime. I had never realized I wasn’t taking the time to use these products. In fact, I had not painted my nails in what seemed like forever. No wonder I didn’t feel like myself. I was taking no time for me in the morning.

So in cleaning and reorganizing my bathroom I realized that I didn’t actually need a new bathroom at all. I just needed to clear away the clutter. Much like my personal self care, I just need to take the time to polish up what I already had. Invest in a few simple additions, like new makeup and a new coat of paint for the walls. All I really needed was to take care of what I had.  This month organization made me recognize that the story you tell yourself doesn’t have to be the story you are stuck with. You can make the time for self care if you make caring for you and your space a priority.

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Why It’s Better Not To Dream Big

Why its better not to dream big

I know this may see counter intuitive. Everyone tells you dream big right?

Reach for the stars! That’s still great and all but sometime we self-sabotage by making our goals something that I so far reaching it is practically unattainable.

In selecting a goal, we pick something that is so grand we kind of already know we are never going to get there. We have no plan, so we have the perfect excuse to give up before we really even get started. I’m not saying you shouldn’t still dream big but why not start off this big dream in manageable chunks.

It’s great to dream big but if we dream too big we might never move from dreaming into doing. Here are 5 reason things to consider when dreaming big.

  1. Big dreams seem lofty, airy and have no concrete foundation to build on – When we dream too big we never get into the real specifics of what we hope to achieve. We never get down to the steps it will take to achieve this dream. Instead, if we make our efforts bite-sized and not overwhelming, we are more likely to move closer to our goal. Like for example changing one small habit each week or saving $1 a day.
  2. Big dreams seem unattainable – Sometimes our big dreams are just too big. We never visualize a path to achieve these big goals. Like winning the lottery instead of earning the money ourselves. They are something we hope for but never truly think we will achieve. So in the end they are kind of worthless and produce no reall change, only discontent with our current circumstances.
  3. Big dreams don’t seem achievable so we don’t try as hard. – Big dreams can have a build in excuse not to try. When our dreams seem to big, we don’t try as hard to achieve them they seem almost insurmountable and we give up under the weight of our own dreams.
  4. Big goals are slow going. -Don’t underestimate small but consistent efforts. They might not be as grand as big dreams but over time they can be. Small consistent effort builds momentum which will propel you forward towards your goal faster.
  5. Consistently small wins help you achieve your big dreams– When only focusing on the big dream you will always feel like you have never made any progress. Even small wins done over time lead to achieving the big dreams. You can get so much more accomplished by taking it step by step, soon you will look back and realize you have traveled miles towards your goal.

[ctt title=”Big dreams are find but in order to achieve them map out a realistic action plan broken up into easy doable steps. ” tweet=”Big dreams are find but in order to achieve them map out a realistic action plan broken up into easy doable steps. ” coverup=”AMR22″]If you don’t feel like you can do that them this big dream is really not for you. Keep consistent, keep showing up, and keep putting in the effort. Keeping it small is how you will achieve your Big Dream.

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Happy Father’s Day

I know this blog is focused on Mom’s but we couldn’t do our job without the help and support of the Dad’s in our life. So today we show our appreciation for the unsung hero of every mom and little girl in every mom. Thank you Dad!

Happy Father's Day

Direct Sellers Summer Series

direct sellers summer series

Do you envision direct sales by imagining a spammy, overly forceful, highly made-up housewife pushing her plastic container and make-up at you?

Today’s direct sales is not what it use to be. There are several companies in the online marketplace that are giving women incredible entrepreneurial opportunities, leadership and life skills in a supportive non-salesy environment.

These woman are all about building relationships, much more then pushing products. Today’s direct sellers are more empowering and supportive then ever before, with a much deeper code of ethics.

So throw out your image of what direct sales use to be.

Let go of any bad experience you may have had with pushy sales people. This summer, I am going to introduce you to some amazing woman who just happen to be in the direct sales business but they are so much more. They are dynamic entrepreneurs who what to get to know your needs. These are women that I am blessed to call friends. I have purchased from them and I KNOW they have integrity and a heart of service.

That is why I have chosen to support them women through this summer series and all year long. I plan on purchasing the majority of my Christmas gifts from them as well. My feelings are I would much rather give my money to someone I know and trust then some corporation or big box store, who doesn’t know me or want to know me.

Each Saturday for the remainder of June and July, I will introduce you to one of these woman. You can get to know them as I have. You can see today’s direct sellers are not the strange, salesy, pushy woman of the 1980’s. They are teachers, mom’s, and friends. They are like you and me.

***Just a note: No one has paid me or asked me to do this. It was an offer I made to these women simply because I want to support them, there business and the things they do. I have received absolutely no compensation for this post.

Stand Together or Fall Apart.

orlando strong stand togehter or fall apart

“Mommy why would someone shoot all those people?

This was the question my 5-year-old son asked me as we sat in Church last Sunday. He posed this question after the priest relayed the information about the devastating mass shooting that took place in Orlando, not far from where we live. All I could do was sit there and think, Why did that happen? Why would someone do this? All those people?

Starting at my little boys face, my eyes started to well up with tears. How in the world was I going to explain this to him? How was I going to explain the fear and sorrow created by this event? He is only 5. He doesn’t need to know this yet was what came to my mind.

For me, I didn’t know any of the people killed or injured. Did it change how I felt? Not in the least. I felt sorrow. I mourned them.

The night club that was targeted was a gay club but this more then just about the sexual orientation of the club occupants. They were most likely targets for what they represented. America. Freedom. Tolerance.  They were targeted for being themselves exactly as god made them.

See this was a crime against us all. The people that were killed were men, women, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, loved ones and friends. People are going to try and point to gun violence as the source. They will make it about the fact it was a gay club, they will say it is the fault or the policies of Democrats or Republican. The police or the club owners. They will spin it into something else.

But what it is a terrorist attack, like Tel Aviv, Paris, 911. An blatant attack against all of us, it is an attack on our way of life, an attack against the freedom to be who we are. Regardless of what party you are, who you will vote for and what you believe.

This was an attack on us all.

In the memory of those that were senselessly murdered. Please… do not let the media, or politics get in the way, don’t let them change the reality of what has happened. Try you best to value our way of life. Even if you disagree with the political leanings  of your neighbor, show respect for their differing views and remember in the end we are all one, we are all united.

As I sat there trying to hide my tears from my son. I kept thinking how will I explain acts of evil to my innocent 5-year-old son who should be shielded and protected from this. Why do we live in a society where these hateful acts are becoming commonplace?

He then asked the question. My beautiful sweet boys who could not comprehend the level of hatred and evil it took to commit these acts. He, and I for that matter, could not understand why someone would kill those people.  He put into the simplest but most accurate why he could. “Mommy is he a bad guy?”

Yes.. I answered, “He is a very bad guy.” [ctt title=”All of us need to remember if we do not stand together against the ‘bad guys’ then the evil has already beaten us. ” tweet=”All of us need to remember if we do not stand together against the ‘bad guys’ then the evil has already beaten us. ” coverup=”53MQj”]If we do not put aside our differences, then our own way of life will be lost. Stand together or we most definitely will fall apart.

A Gofundme page has been set up by Equality Florida to donate to the victims of the Orlando Shooting go to Pulse Victims Fund.

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