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April Fool’s Day has never really been a holiday I have given much thought to. However, I have noticed a growing trend on April 1st. Parents playing pranks on there kids. It is all in good fun with a playful spirt and main is it creative. It seems like Mom and Dad have decided to take advantage of one day of the year where it is ok… no even expected to prank the kids. Check out these April Fools Day jokes and maybe try them out on our kids.

600_ss_Undrinkable-JuiceUndrinkable juice- Switch out your child’s juice with gelatin of the same shade. (I’m trying this one on my husband!) –

funny-trucks-11Have a fun ride to school – Place a sign on the back of your car that says for people to hooWAP2nk, wave and shout your kids

Freeze your kids morning cereal – I’m so doing this one!

Stick goggle eyes on the food in your refrigerator – So doing this one too!

Tape and air horn to the wall next to the door

Bug under the lap shade -Use black paper and cut out the outline of a bug and place it under a lamp shade to create a creepy silhouette when the light is turned

Head in a Jar – Takes a bit of work but it is sure to have a big (but funny) impact. Also great for Halloween. –

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Comments on: "Best April Fool’s Day Pranks To Play On Your Family" (4)

  1. Melissa, these are awesome. I am not a practical joker but these are tweaking my interest. Thanks for some fun on the Blogger’s Pit Stop


  2. Such great fun, I wish I had shared this with my children.


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