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A New Step In The Journey


Quick Note to all that follow this blog. Things will start to look a little different in the near future as I am moving off of to a self hosted site on The posts will still appear in the reader of all who follow here and the domain name of will remain the same. However, in order to comment or like post you must now go directly to

I will still be active in the reader as I still want to follow all of the great blogs I have found here. I just felt that it was time for this blog to move forward and grow. I will also be introducing a new blogging schedule in which posts will appear every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (also the occasional Tea and Cake Tuesday) I think this will help in my effort to produce more quality posts and better content for you.

Please know that you are all coming with me in my search to finding balance and moderation. This temporary pause is just part of the journey.


Be Brave, Go Your Own Way


I wish I had thought of that idea. Well, maybe you thought of one just as good but never pursued it because others told you  it is not the way things have been done. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it is the way you have to do it. It’s called innovation. Many people claim its great to be innovative. Bring us your new ideas. The truth it takes courage and bravery because most people will dismiss your ideas just because they are new and different.

Once your new idea is tested and proven then everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and support your innovation. But how about when you first introduce the idea? How many introductory ideas have been dismissed out of hand because they did not follow a prescribe process or did not fit into conventional thinking? Have you stopped following an idea because, although it had merit, someone told you it wouldn’t work. It wasn’t the right time or didn’t fit how things had always been done. Have you ever listened to these naysayers and let go of an idea. Feeling stupid for even bringing it up?

I was inspired to write this post after overhearing a conversation. In this exchange, one person put forth an idea and, as I listened, I heard that idea crumble to ash. This flame of an idea was extinguished piece by piece by those around who thought they knew more. It was sad to hear. I watched the look of enthusiasm and energy drain from the individuals face as the roundtable of “experience” put out their idea, dumped water on it and stomped it out. What I heard was a group that was mired in there own importance and stuck in “the way it had always been done.” If you are that person I implore you to do it anyway. Don’t let others decide what you can accomplish. Don’t let them tell you your idea is dumb.Innovation-quotes

People are quick to throw there support behind something after it has been proven successful (think Apple, Facebook and Disney.) But what about the dismissals these people received in the early stages. There ideas were so new and different, they did not follow a path and they had the bravery to see their vision so clearly that others could not sway them from it. Do you have a vision? Do you have a crazy idea? Society is made up of a mass of people who will tell you what you can’t do. Be one of those people who will show them what you can do.



New York State Of Mind

This is in response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge “State of Mind.” These are some of the pictures from our New York trip last fall. New York is much more then just a big city. I t has a unique diverse landscape from rural to urban, rustic to metro.

In Between Life’s Changes

cloud-1563820Nothing is constantly but change. Change is inevitable. You and your environment must change and adapt or it will cease to exist. For months now I have felt an this intensely. I knew something in me needed to change. On more than one occasion I felt like despair was taking hold of me. It felt as if I was stuck in a bear trap twisting and pulling to get away. With any attempt at escape being met with more pain. I am not a prayer. But I prayed on this or you can say I put my need out to the universe. I begged for help. For direction….then one day things changed.

The change I needed, was desperate for finally happened. Unfortunately, I was so mired in hurt feelings, old failures and immobile that I could nit see anything good from it. My thoughts were full of fear. In our lives we reach a state of equilibrium.  A sort of status quo. Things become common place. We believe the premise that our circumstances will always remain the same. We end up tolerating things we would have never imagined putting up with before because of the fear of change. What if we change and the change is worse? “Better stay were I am,” we tell ourselves.
For me, I knew I could not remain as I was. Still when the change came I balked. I saw only the negative. Fear overcame me and I panicked.   God had answered my prayer but I couldn’t see it. Here was the way out. I only had to take it. I crying and fought against the change. Believed this was happening because I was unworthy, less of a person, not good enough.

But to my amazement the next day the fear disappated. The clarity of my situation can through. It was if the storm passed, the clouds parted and I could see the blue sky. I could see with much more clarity after a good night sleep.change-quotes

We all fear change but most change brings about something we know we need. It helps use grow. It helps us move forward. Here are some of the ways I finally looked past my fear to accept changes in my life.
1. Make a Pro and Con list -Sometimes writing out your fears (Con’s) on paper and seeing them in writing removed there power. You get them out of your head and also make room for some positives (Con’s) to enter
2. Allow a mourning period – Change requires leaving something familiar behind. Even if you did not like your former situation it was part of you, part of your history. It’s ok to miss it and say goodbye.
3. Sleep on it – Just as it happened to me, a good nights sleep might bring a new clarity to see positives in the pending changes.
4. Take ownership of the change – Accept that things are changing and make a conscious decision to take charge of this change. Choose to guide yourself into this new chapter of your life. Make it yours instead of allowing others or external factors to be forced on you.
5. Know this change, like all changes, are only temporary- Whether good or bad, our life goes into seasons. Know that this and all changes are temporary. Treasure and be grateful for your past lessons and look forward and embrace your future life knowing it is only a momentary piece of your life’s journey.

5 yummy ways to use up bananas


Seeing as bananas are pretty much the only fruit my son will eat it is something I always have on hand. I almost always have 2 or 3 bananas that have survived the week and reached the over ripe stage. Here are a few interesting recipes that use over ripe bananas.

  1. Banana ice cream – This is something I make pretty regularly and it is my preferred way to use up over ripe bananas. I find I can shove these few bananas in a freezer bag quickly and once they are frozen solid they are all set for ice cream.
  2. Banana Bread -This is a recipe I posted about a year ago. It is amazingly moist and delicious and easy to bring together. Plus it is low calorie and low fat. They only problem is sticking to just one slice!
  3. Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie – I like to use some of my frozen bananas to thicken up a smoothie. I use shakeology but you can use them in really any smoothie recipe to bump up the creamy texture and sweetness.
  4. Banana Muffins – Plan on trying this recipe today since I have some Nutella to use up. Sounds yummy!
  5. Banana Cookies – Did you know you could substituting bananas for eggs! Did not know you could do this with bananas until I found this recipes. I think it is genius. Can’t wait to try it.

Tea and Cake Tuesday


Lady luck was on my side with this cake.It was quite a challenge to bring all the elements together but the over all look turned out to be a lot of fun. The cake had sweet raspberry filling sandwiched between a layer of moist vanilla cake and decadent chocolate cake. It was iced in a rich chocolate ganache. (Which you might have seen me make on a recent Periscope) Then it was covered in marshmallow fondant. My friend had her house decked out in casino themes décor including oversized dice and playing cards. It looked awesome and the cake fit right in.

If you are at the Blackjack table or home playing bridge, here is a selection of teas from Debbie Bergman from Enjoy Tea With Me , to go with our casino themed cake.

When I think of poker, or casino, I think jazz music and fancy/old time drinks. So I am going to have two teas again,  Jazzy Jasmine and Amaretto

Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine blossoms.
Ingredients: Rooibos tea, almond pieces, papaya pieces, natural flavors. Contains nuts.
For more information or to purchase these or other teas contact Debbie at My Steeped Tea


Introducting Mini Moments Monday


This Monday I have a special treat for you. My new friend Trish Russell has agree to bring her mini moments of intentional living to share with us.  From the moment I met her I was drawn to her bright energy and warm personality. I know you will fall in love with her and her idea of intentional moments.

The alarm has gone off. It’s time to swing those feet out of bed and enter a new week. What do you start your day with? Coffee? Tea? Juice? Smoothie?

What if you started Monday with a moment of excitement, exhilaration, hope? Along with your ‘go juice.’ Let’s choose to make this Monday different. How about we set the tone for our week as one of great anticipation and joy.

Grab a pen & paper. Open up a ‘notepad’ app. Write or type ONE joy in your life right now. It could be a new friend, a book, a recipe, clean sheets, anything…it matters…take a note of what makes you smile. Place it somewhere you’ll see it. Use it as your phone background, a sticky note by your desk or at the bathroom sink. Now, as you go through your day, you’ll have a reminder of what brings you joy in this moment. Hopefully, you’ll be able to smile or reorient your thoughts if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Hi! My name is Trish Russell and this is what I’m about. Finding ways to create moments throughout our days that will leave a forever impact. Our lives are so chaotic and busy. How do we protect our love and dreams for our loved ones? By choosing to invest in ourselves and them every day with intentional moments. No huge grand gesture. Ththe-best-things-in-life-are-not-things-they-are-moments-quote-1e people in your life and those that are still to come into it want you, engaged and joyful, in their lives.

Melissa and I met on periscope a few weeks ago and she has graciously offered for me to be her guest every other Monday. I look forward to getting to know you all and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Melissa’s community. You can find me on Facebook at Trish Russell or Periscope @GatherwithTrish.

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