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workout-1421507I made it through Thanksgiving but before Christmas I did a bit of a backslide in regards to fitness. My eating went arye as my schedule got busier and busier. Once the New Year started, like everyone else, I recommitted to my healthy habits of meal prep, workouts and motivativation. I got my healthy eating in-line with a pantry clean out and Crockpot bonanza.

However, I have had a harder time jump starting my workouts. The Fitbit got me going by tracking my steps, but I have been struggling to get my butt in gear for my morning workouts.(Insert bleary-eyed confusion…5:30 am is just so early.)

Last night I finally got with the program and what started out sluggish and slow-moving became one of the hardest, best and toughest workouts I have ever done. It was also so much fun! With that I decided to list the reasons I workout since it is more than just vanity. So maybe next time I want to skip a workout I will remember why it is so necessary for a balanced life.

Helps my back and body stay limber.

After years of martial arts and being thrown on my back, I developed budging disks. I have found that regular exercise (with proper form) helps keep my back from getting stiff and prevents the pain from returning. Also having strong abs, arms and legs do a lot to support lifting and straining in my lower back. If these parts aren’t kept strong my back gets the additional burden.

It helps me calm my emotions and mind.

This is true for anyone. It could be the endorphim factored, but I always feel calmer, more in control and stronger emotionally after I have worked out.

It gives me increased energy.

I know it sounds weird to have more energy after a workout, but that lazy, sluggishness and foggy head seems to lift when I workout regularly. I find that I am more alert and clear-headed if I am working out regularly.

It helps me sleep more restfully

Because I have given my muscles a reason to work and grown (instead of sitting on the coach.) I find I fall asleep much faster and wake up feeling better rested. I will have to track this more using my Fitbit and see if the number of restless periods of sleep goes down.

It gives me the motivation to continue healthy eatingbarbie

Well, sometimes…to be honest I use to use working out as an excuse to eat poorly or overeat. “Well I worked out so I can have the extra calories.” It is only recently that I have put the workouts and clean eating together to see the whole picture of health. I think the main difference is that I have been prepping healthy meals. So this leaves me with food ready-to-go. Instead of reaching for a high calorie protein bar or carb-filled goody. I’m finally getting the concept of fueling my body.

It sets a good example for my children

This is the most important reason in my book. It is often a side benefit that is overlooked when we think of health and fitness. Little eyes are watching. If you hate your body and mistreat it, they will learn that behavior from you. I can’t say I have always had this in mind, but as my daughter has gotten older I realized how key body image is to a little girl. I want her to grow up strong, confidant and know she is beautiful. I don’t want her seeing me diet all the time and think that is normal. I don’t want her to learn from magazine’s and TV that she needs to be anything other than who she is in the form God gave her.  I need to workout to show her that a strong, healthy, confidant woman is a beautiful woman.





Comments on: "Workout for a Balanced Life" (13)

  1. I love your points on why you workout they are not the usual ones written about. Thank you I am taking them on board as I continue to increase my fitness.
    Thanks for sharing on the Blogger’s Pit Stop, all the best to you.

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    • Thank you again for the chance to share. When I got to thinking about it, there was a lot more to working out then just the workout. Best of luck to you on your healthy lifestyle.


  2. sizzlesue15 said:

    Hi there! My word for 2016 is BALANCE and I agree with need to have fitness as part of a balanced life. I haven’t purchased a fitbit yet but looks like it might be useful in keeping track. Found you on Bloggers Pitstop. Have a great weekend.

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    • So glad you stopped by. I am really loving my fitbit it has gotten me out of a rut and helped me get moving again. Totally worth the investment. You have a wonderful weekend as well


  3. I enjoyed reading your comment on working out. I try to workout most days and the days I don’t manage it, I try not to feel guilty but tell myself I did walk quite a bit instead so I don’t beat myself over the head.

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  4. Hello! I picked your link to read because just before Christmas I started to do some fitness exercises! I wrote about it on my blog because it was really out of the blue thing and an amazing decision!! I stopped doing it when I was in my 20’s. Now I am almost 50! I just do long walkings 3 times per week. I found out a video on G+ and decided to try it. It was just like that. I liked how easy it looked. The girl was doing the exercises and a man was giving instructions. I did it for 10 days in a row. First it was hard. But then I was really enjoying it and feeling good. Unfortunately I was forced to stop because got a tendinitis on my shoulder. I am not well yet and I miss it. For now I am just doing my walkings when it’s not raining – since Christmas all we have had is rainy days! All you wrote is true and it can be said about walking also! #PitStop

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  5. I love your reasons, especially to set a good example for your children. I wish I could get myself motivated to workout. My form of exercise is me chasing my two pit bulls around the house and then running like he!! when they chase me back! LOL

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  6. Melissa, this post was among the MOST clicked on the Bloggers Pit Stop and will be FEATURED on Friday. Congratulations.

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  7. Great reasons to workout. I understand the early morning reluctance! Once I get off schedule it is so hard to get going again!

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