In between overdoing it


For a little change of pace I thought I would write about some of the item’s in my life that are helping me on my road to finding moderation and balance.

  1. My new Fitbit –  My husband gave me a Fitbit HR Charge for Christmas and I am absolutely loving it! It helps me get off my butt by tracking my steps and buzzing when I reach my goal of 10,000. If I don’t feel the buzz, I have not moved enough. Plus, since it will track how much you sleep via heart rate and movement, I realized I am not getting enough sleep. So I have to make an extra effort to get in bed at a decent time and let the dishes wait until morning.
  2. Board Games and Coloring -My kids were given Headbanz for Christmas and we have had a great time playing it every night. It’s a simple game so even my 5-year-old can sit long enough to play it. Also, I have rediscovered drawing and coloring with my children. I use to do this but somehow got away from it since the summer. I have found it relaxing. It’s a great way to play and converse with the minions, plus it’s inexpensive. Just crayons and paper.
  3. My Crockpot – Yes, I know I am still waxing poetic about my Crockpot. I have also gotten an new Crockpot cookbook which I am so excited to making recipes from. There are some really unique ones in here like Zucchini Bread and Cherry Rice Pudding. I can’t wait to get my Crock on! (Did I really just say that?)
  4. New storage containers and Ziptop bags- I know it sounds kind of silly but these little guys have been a life saver in my quest to get organized. I finally tackled the junk drawer! Yes, I cleared the junk drawer of junk. I also used these bags and containers to chorale my daughters Barbie accessories and my sons army guys. The bags are  inexpensive, handy and can be used in a multitude of ways.  You really can’t beat that.
  5. My cooler bag – I  started doing using this years ago after reading the Clean Eating Diet by Tosca Reno. Having a packed lunch helps me find moderation in a couple of ways. For example, always having a packed cooker means that I never have an excuse to hit the vending machine or run across the street to the pizza place for lunch. It also means that if I am caught outside my home for longer than expected, (say stuck at work or in traffic) I still have something with me to sustainment me until I get to my destination. This goes a long way to prevent overeating. Also, it helps on the financial side of things. By having a packed cooler I don’t have to spend the money on eating out. It also leaves me with no reason to head out to the grocery store on my lunch break to pick up a few things. (Which always leads to more than a few things.)

What are some items you find help you live balanced? Are there tools or products you use that aid you in moderation? If so leave me a comment. I would love to give them a try.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link, I may make a very, very small  profit. I will only put links to products I use myself, review, or believe could be useful. These affiliate links do not change my personal opinions for or against the products reviewed.  There is no additional cost to you by clicking on an affiliate link.




Comments on: "5 Items I use to Find Balance & Moderation" (16)

  1. For portion control I eat out of a small bowl or a salad dish and I never have seconds. I use dinner plates for parties.

    Glass storage containers are a bit heavier than plastic but I think they are safer. I always have lunch and snacks with me when I work with a client so that my energy never sags. I got beautiful glass bottles at a local juice shop when I purchased a smoothie. Those are my water bottles.

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    • Never having seconds and using smaller bowls and dishes. That is super smart! Love, love your books, by the way. I am working through “One year to an Organized Life,” and plan to post updates of my progress on this blog. Thank you so much for your suggestions.


  2. I LOVE my crockpot! And ziplock bags! 🙂 I’m ALL about those crockpot freezer meals these days because they’re cheap, easy, quick and healthy. In fact, I have tomato barley soup cooking in the crock pot right now. 🙂

    I also love my crochet hook and yarn (obviously) and right now am loving my e-Reader and new exercise machine. I have just enough space to hold myself steady AND hold my e-reader while I’m “walking” in my living room. 🙂 It’s a great way to keep myself moving 😉

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  3. Don’t worry, I love my crock pot too! Crock on!! 🙂

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  4. liferedesign101 said:

    Finding balance is always a challenge. i just started playing chess with my husband. We try to play a game each night, which doesn’t take long because i just learned and am not good at it. It is still fun though. #PitStop

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  5. OneDizzyBee said:

    I am also such a fan of the crockpot. I started waxing poetic about twenty years ago and never really stopped. So many yummy, healthy recipes to be found that are also so very easy but yet make it seem like you went through a lot of effort! 🙂

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    • I have put the call out if you have a favorite crockpot recipe I would love to feature it as aguest post it on my blog. Can not say enough good things about the crockpot


  6. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I just have the Fitbit Zip. I love the weekly and weekend challenges with my friends. It appeals to my competitive side. I have been known to pace my house before bed, just so I can beat one or two people and move up in ranks.

    I couldn’t live without my crockpot. I use almost weekly. Tonight we’re having pulled bbq pork sandwiches. I’ll make a fresh mayo-free coleslaw to go with it.

    I also make my own vegetable stock. This way, all the recipes that call for chicken or beef stock, get veggie stock and I save on calories.

    I preportion snacks in ziplocks or some small container. This way, the snack is set and there’s no “extra” that I am tempted to continue with.

    I keep a bowl of fruit, normally apples and bananas, so my daughter and I can snack on those anytime we feel hungry.

    I am working on drinking just one 8-oz glass of water per hour. If I break it up, it’s not so hard to get in my daily intake.

    I do not buy soda. Our household drinks are water or milk and the occasional juice.

    Those are just the tidbits off the top of my head.

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    • Awesome suggestions! I was not even aware of the fitbit challenges. Will have to check that out. Would love to post your vegetable stock recipe as a guest post if you are willing to share. Sounds like a great alternative

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      • You can invite all your friends to daily, weekend and weekly challenges. Sadly, it’s not “my” vegetable stock recipe. It’s actually from Ball’s canning recipe book. I make about 15 quarts at a time. Canning is my obsession.

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