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The many incarnations of dieting. For as long as I can remember I have been on a diet. I have eaten badly. I have eaten well. I have starved myself. I have overeat. I have yo-yo dieted and have near binge eaten. In other words I have gone to the extremes of dieting and back again over and over. The question I now ask myself is why? Why do I feel such a lose of control at times and such a need other times. I have discovered the answer pretty recently in my review of the 21-day fix. However, it was a long road to get there.

Here are some of the diets I have tried and how they faired for me. Your results might be different and I hope you had more success with them then I have.

Weight Watchers -I spent a year and a half at WW gaining and losing the same pound. Yes, a single pound!!!! I bought the products but found they left me hungry. Also, a lot of the low-fat, no-fat foods they suggested did not agree with me. There concept is a good one. It forces you to make better choices. I had done WW before and had success the first time around, so I really expected more.

However, I this time I had difficulty sticking to the program and found that at this stage in my life. It required to much planning and points counting. I would frequently forget to track my food and found I was to fixated on what I eat. Plus, the added stress of motherhood drove me to stress eat when things got hairy.

The Cookie Diet – Since I developed a slight thyroid issue, I figured something was wrong with me. Maybe my metabolism was screwed up. I decided to try the Cookie Diet to see if I could lose any weight. I was starving all the time and felt awful. I lost some weight but immediately gained it back.

Whole30– I actually was pretty successful on this I discovered some of the foods that were bothering my stomach. However, was the first week was miserable, and it is meant more as a temporary detox rather then a long term lifestyle. -This along with p90x worked great and helped me to lose my baby weight from my first child. There I learned to track my food and found a great support group to keep me motivated. After my second kid, however, I just lacked the time to consistently track my food.wpid-20150707_193438-1.jpg

21 Day Fix – This gave me the support group Sparkpeople had with the convenience of not having to track my food daily. I could plan it out a few days at a time when it was convenient for me. In my review I said I would check in but have since done a few half -hearted rounds and have not committed to it as I should have.

…And here is the real reason for this post, a funny thing happened to me  which promoted a major change.

I ran out of Shakeology, the meal supplement that comes with the program. I have been drinking it steadily since I started my first round, I liked the taste and decided not to cancel my shipments. Well, I ran out and my whole body changed. I felt terribly rundown, I woke up with no energy and my face had one of the worst breakouts I have ever experienced. Now I don’t know necessarily of these are related, but I do know the way I feel. Once I started to take Shakeology again I felt a million times better.

Now I did not take a multivitamin so my theory is that it acts as one for me. Because of my experience, I am going to be a Beachbody coach. I know what you are thinking,  but this blog is not going to become a Beachbody promotional site. No, I will still write about what I have always presented here.. Balance and Moderation.

However, I do feel that taking this step is part of my journey to find balance and moderation in my eating and health…maybe for the first time in my life. I will offer a link should you decide to take this journey with me, and want more  information or to purchase Shakeology.

In full disclosure as a coach, I do make a commission off of any sale. But believe me when I say I would offer this link even if I made nothing. I have thought a lot about how this would be interpreted and never planned on selling anything on this blog when I started it. I am not and have never been a salesperson. It’s just not me.

I never expected that this would happen and that a simple shake would have such a profound effect on how I felt, but I felt it and it was undeniable. Weird but true.

Again this blog and its focus will remain the same. This is only one aspect of my experience that I share with you. I will still be doing mommy posts,  recipes, and expressing my feelings in my search for balance and moderation.  Thanks for your support in my new endeavor.

****To order Shakeology or find out more click here






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