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Cooking, dealing with a tyrannical boss, cleaning, doing laundry, guiding our children, supporting our spouse, getting work projects done on time, and the list goes on and on. These are just some of the tasks a working mom is confronted with daily. With all the craziness of running a household and the added pressure of maintaining job performance it is easy for a moms world to go careening out of balance. Here are five ways to rediscover balance and moderation.

1)Don’t compare – It is tough not to compare ourselves to the pristine, playground mommy that brought homemade, healthy snacks for her children and looks like she is ready for Parenting magazine. As a working mom, I have fallen prey comparing myself to other mothers who I believed were “mommying” better. I would drive myself crazy trying to emulate a stay-at-home moms accomplishments on working moms schedule. All it did was create a ton of guilt, impatience and inadequacy. What I finally came to realize is these women have there own struggles. Sure there struggle isn’t the same as mine, but they are not a better or worse mom. Just one with different time constraints

2) Recognize your strengths – We all have something we excel at. Being a working mom challenges us in different ways and causes us to maximize what we do well. If you are great at packing lunch take special care in making them for your family.  Add in love notes for your kids, and invest in letting them know you love them by feeding them a specially created lunch when they are away from you.guilt

3) Outsource your weaknesses- Maybe there is a task that you despise doing, See if you can get someone to do it for you. Maybe you hate walking the dog. See if you can pay a kid in the neighborhood to get it done. I’m sure they would appreciate the opportunity to earn some extra cash. That’s what I did with my umm….backyard maintenance. See that post here. Look, there is only so much time in the schedule of a working mom why waste it doing something we hate. The extra income we produce allows us the luxury of outsourcing these tasks and creating more precious time with our loved ones.

4)Moderate your screen time- We talk a lot about limiting our children’s screen time, but what about us. How many times have you been staring down at your phone when you could have been having a conversations with your child, I am totally guilty of this one. We think, I’ll just check my email or this news site quickly, but it is never as quick as we intend it to be. If we are honest with ourselves, whatever we are doing online or on our phone can be done later or after the kids are in bed. Make a special effort to be model the way when it comes to screen time. Teach them it is more important to observe the world around them then watch it go by on a screen.

5) Don’t try to do it all- I know it is hard. We have every form of media coming at us at every angle. Painting a perfect picture of how we are suppose to be. How we should be able to handle everything and let nothing slide. That, my friends, is a fantasy. I and many other moms have discovered the hard way that when we wear ourselves to thin trying to do it all, eventually we crack. Your kids need YOU. Not some Pinterest perfect, Food Network wonder, TV created version of you. Be who you are. Yes, sometimes your house will be a disaster. Sometimes your kids will have unhealthy fast food for dinner. Sometimes you will spend the entire weekend in yoga pants. Sometimes you will be rushed, stressed out and yes… you will yell. But spend every moment you have with them being you. They will love you and accept you as you are because you are their mom.


Comments on: "5 ways to find Balance and Moderation as a Working Mom" (13)

  1. ” spend every moment you have with them being you. They will love you and accept you as you are because you are their mom.” Needed to hear this. As a working single Mom, I often feel like a failure.

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  2. Great post! I can definitely relate to a lot of this. I sometimes get upset when my house is a disaster. We sometimes eat fast food for dinner too. I don’t feel up to cooking sometimes. I enjoy it but I also work full-time. If I was a sahm, it would be a different story.


  3. Thanks for bringing this very thoughtful post to our party. I admire moms that work as well as run a household. Your tips are good I hope you can take it easy on yourself and the guilt trip.
    I am looking forward to more of what you have to share.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #31

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    • Thank you so much for the opportunity and the kind words. Really appreciate all the work you put in to make the link party happen. I hope to contribute more in the future.


  4. Love this. Learning I can’t do everything was such a valuable gift. Thank you for playing the Pinterest Game.


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  5. Realy good tips. I don’t work away from home but I do my own little bit via my blog and I find it hard to balance it all. There are never enough hours no matter what. Thank you for linking to #featurefridays

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  6. So true, and so wise! I especially hear ya about the media “perfection” — it is so unrealistic and simultaneously so frustrating… Thanks for sharing such an encouraging post at Friday Frivolity!

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  7. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!

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