In between overdoing it

Photo by Carlo Winkelman

Photo by Carlo Winkelman


Today I discovered that if I would have only taken the 30 seconds to 1 minute to floss my teeth regularly it would have saved me $400. Ever 6 months or so my dental hygienist has to repeat the same phase, ” You need to floss better.” After the dental guilt trip, I leave the office with completely good intentions of flossing before bed and after breakfast. However, life gets in the way. I’m running late for work, forget to floss. I got to bed late and I’m tired, forget to floss. I passed out on the couch, forget to floss.

I rush to get the kids to school, rush to get to work, hurry thru my lunch break, zoom home in the evening, cook dinner in a flash. Homework, baths, bedtime then collapsing in bed. Flossing… that was way down on the list of things to do. Really, with all that had to get done in a day I didn’t have the time to take care of me. Now, I realized I don’t have the money not too.

AsI stare into my near empty bank account, all of that has changed. Many of us are guilty of putting our families needs before our own. We are the family martyrs an tend to put everyone else before ourselves. This ignorance can only last so long before it finally catches up to you. For me it is my teeth. foe someone else it might be a poor diet, or lack of exercise.money3

I learned my lesson last week. If I am honest with myself I have no excuse. I mean really it would have taken me 30 seconds, but I never made my own self care a priority until it hit me in the pocketbook. Remember you can not properly care for your family if you don’t care for yourself. Also, you are not modeling good behavior and habits for your children if you don’t take care of yourself. I don’t think leading by example was ever something that occurred to me as I neglected my own self-care.

So for today think of the doctors appointments and health care matters you have been putting off. Have that questionable mole checked. Start that workout or eating plan you know you should be following. Don’t put of the eye exam as you squint to read this. Find out what that reoccurring pain in your stomach might be coming from. At the very least it will save you money in medical bills in the long run. At the most it just might save your life.


Comments on: "Floss your teeth or it will cost you!" (3)

  1. Hi! My friend told me to consider using these flossers. I thought they would be wasteful but they do get me to floss more, which is the goal. Any brand or store brand is good, but try to get the sensitive type.

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  2. Thanks for this important post! Yaz


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