In between overdoing it


I’m sick. I don’t mean in the head (Although, some would argue that point.) I mean I have a cold. A pain in the butt, slows you down, sniffily, sneezy cold.  Moms and dads don’t get to take a sick day. This is something they forgot to include in the parenting handbook. It is partally our own fault and partially circumstance. In any case, we feel the need to ignore what our body and nature tells us and push ourselves with mostly messy, sometimes disasterous results.

Once you become a parent you feel you can not stop to rest because then how things will not get done. Us moms still feel the need to clean the floors and make dinner even though we are sick as a dog. With dads, they still need to get into work because they must be the provider. We put all the responsibility for caring for the familiy on ourselves and very often don’t allow ourselves to lean on others.

We falsely believe that if we don’t preform our household duties then no one will. Our families world will come crashing down because the house is a wreck and a wholesome dinner is not cooked. I have encountered many people who refuse to take a sick day, to the point of being a danger to themselves, because they feel the office would not function if they were not there to keep everything running smoothly. This way of thinking is silly on its face, but we all do it to some degree. In the end all we are really doing is putting in a half-done effort, speading our sickness to others, and not allowing our bodies to properly recover from illness. It’s hard not to feel pressure in this age of “do it all in less time.” Here are some things to consider before you force yourself out of your sick bed.termometer-1418018

  1. LIsten to your Mom: Your mom has probably been harping on you to stayin bed and let her help. Moms, especially Grandma’s thrive on feeling needed and being able to take care of someone again. So let them!  Let them cook you some chicken soup and care for the grandkids so you can get some sleep. The kids, grandma and your body will thank you for it.
  2. Call in the reserves: Let your significant other pick up the slack. They are there in sickness and in health by the way! Often times moms feel they can’t leave the child caregiving and household chores to dad because he can’t do things the way Mom can. Push those thoughts aside. Dad might not do it they way mom would, but he will find his own way to get it done. Give your significant other, mom or dad, the opportunity to switch jobs for a day or two and see how the other half lives. It will create a greater appreciation for the roles you play in each others lives. Plus, it will give the well parent more of an opportunity to get some one on one time with the kids.
  3. Limit contact with others: You are sick and what you have might be contagious. To me it is super inconsiderate to others to put them in the path of illness due to your own arrogance. Some people feel that giving in to their bodies request for rest makes them weak. They continue to push through to go to work and do whatever daily activites they would do when they are well. This benefits no one. The office will not revert to chaos if you are not there for a day. The world will not stop spinning if you stay in bed and sleep instead of doing the laundry.
  4. Nourish yourself: Get some good trendy “Bone Broth” or just regular old chicken soup. Forget calories and feed your body right. When I’m sick I love a good chicken soup in a bread bowl from Panera Bread. But any hot comfort food will do wonders. Just don’t try to cook it yourself.
  5. Get out of your own achy head: You don’t need to do it all, all the time. Let yourself off the hook for a day or two and listen to your body. Admitting you are sick is not a sign of weakness it is a sign that you are doing what is best for yourself and your family. Call in sick to work (that is what sick days are for), enlist the help of others and take care of yourself for once. Above all do not feel guilty for resting and getting well. You can’t properly care for your family without caring for yourself. So get out of your own way, get back into bed and feel better.

Let me know what you think!

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